Belvedere Midnight & Belvedere Titan

The Belvedere Titan and the Belvedere Midnight expand our sportier Belvedere collection, which captured the enthusiasm of many watch collectors last year and gained international recognition. While the Belvedere presents itself elegantly in a titanium case, the Belvedere Midnight impresses with its deep color scheme, the outstanding shine of the durable DLC coating, and the striking fluted bezel.

Table Waltz Tourbillon

Carl Suchy & Söhne presents the Highlight of Viennese Watchmaking: The Table Waltz Tourbillon with an in-house tourbillon movement completely handcrafted in Vienna.

The Emperor's Choice: Luxury Watches combining Viennese Elegance and Swiss Craftsmanship

In the 19th century, the watchmaking family Carl Suchy & Söhne succeeded in becoming an international company. For three generations, the Purveyors to the Royal Habsburg Court catered their handcrafted clocks and watches to the Austrian monarchs and elite. After a creative break of 100 years, the most important watch brand of the Danube monarchy came back into business. The new automatic watches carry the legacy of Viennese Modernism and showcase the art of Swiss precision.

Austrian Luxury Watches

The classic wristwatch follows the clean formal language of renowned Austrian architect Adolf Loos and the pure lines of Viennese Modernism. The wristwatch with micro-rotor boasts a rotating “waltzing disc” at 6 o’clock – for the Viennese perception of time, in which seconds do not count. The Waltz N°1 pays homage to the illustrious court balls and the sweeping rotations of the Viennese Waltz.

Waltz Nº1 Skeleton

Produced in strictly limited special series of five watches a year, the Waltz N°1 Skeleton is the successful declination of the classic Waltz Nº1. Honoring the brand’s original DNA, the dial has been carefully openworked along the subtle horizontal and vertical lines and is adorned with the iconic rotating seconds-disc at 6 o’clock, which features the identical guilloche-pattern and is thus aligned with the rest of the dial as it waltzes in a perfect circle once per minute.

Table Waltz

Encased in a dark silk matte case, a uniquely developed and designed movement and finished by hand, this beautiful and strictly limited Viennese work of art makes every room tick differently.

Handcrafted Excellence

The automatic watches are handcrafted in Austria and Switzerland over the course of six months – the production meets the highest precision standards of watchmaking. Watchmaker Marc Janni, a former member of the prestigious Académie Horlogére des Créateurs Indépendants, and the high-end movement manufacturer Vaucher Fleurier carry out the production of these exclusive Swiss watches.


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Carl Suchy & Söhne is available worldwide. You can find our watches in selected boutiques in Austria, Switzerland, France, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Japan and of course online.

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