Having catered to the likes of Sigmund Freud and Empress Sissi in the past, Carl Suchy & Söhne today still takes great pride in its amazing customers. Excellent service and client satisfaction is our top priority. Find out how the owners of Carl Suchy & Söhne’s very first series feel about their Waltz N°1.

Günter Hermann


“The Waltz N°1 is a unique piece of Vienna on my wrist that combines technical perfection with timeless elegance.

The watch attracts a lot of attention.

“I admire the great creative endeavour of reviving Vienna’s most traditional watch brand and congratulate the team on the amazing result!”

Jakob Hassler, young customer wearing a Waltz N°1 white dial, Albertina, Vienna State Opera


Business Consultant

“What I look for in a watch are quality, elegance, and a differentiating element, the one that makes the watch stand out among the rest.

For the Waltz N°1, this characteristic element is its rotating dial,

a product of fine watchmaking and artistic creativity. The Waltz N°1 marked the perfect start to my watch collection!”


Chairman Emeritus, Nestlé S.A.
Investor and shareholder of the Carl Suchy & Söhne AG.

“Every Waltz N°1 by Carl Suchy & Söhne is a unique watch that is dilligently handcrafted by an excellent watchmaker. I am proud that by wearing this watch, I have become part of a legacy dating back to 1822 in the Danube Monarchy.

To me, Waltz N°1 stands for highest technical perfection and elegance.”


President of the Austrian Industrialists’ Association (IV) Vorarlberg and Entrepreneur.

“Waltz N°1 skilfully combines the reduction to the essentials, the elegance combined with the highest technical quality.”

Julia Culen Customer Carl Suchy & Söhne


Executive Coach

“This watch has many qualities that I also respect in people: subtle, of pure beauty on the outside, and with an exciting, rich inner-life. Every detail is well-thought of and crafted with love and skill.

Every detail is well-thought of and crafted with love and skill.

Just like me, the Waltz N°1 is from Vienna. The perfect watch for me.”

Andreas Kailich, customer of Carl Suchy & Söhne, Waltz N°1 white dial, Vienna

Andreas Kailich


“A piece of Vienna on my wrist! That’s what I think of every time I look at my Waltz N°1.

A truly unique watch of high quality and understated elegance.”

Carlo Bassano Customer Carl Suchy & Söhne Waltz N°1 wristwatch

Carlo Bassano

Academic Cardiac Surgeon and Professor at Tor Vergata University of Rome, Italy

“I often just take a look at the dial of my Waltz N°1

and follow the magic of the seconds disc dancing with light…

Who would then care about the flow of time? Carl Suchy & Söhne is an excellent company, not only because of its outstanding products, but also for its amazing customer care service!”