Table Waltz Tourbillon


Following the successful launch of the Table Waltz, Carl Suchy & Söhne is pleased to present a special new model: the Table Waltz Tourbillon.

Only a few luxury watch brands develop table clocks in addition to wristwatches. For Carl Suchy & Söhne, it is a reminiscence of the brand’s important history. Because innovative products with incomparable, timelessly modern aesthetics are part of Carl Suchy & Söhne’s DNA.

The Austrian master watchmaker Therese Wibmer is again responsible for the conception of this masterpiece. The Table Waltz Tourbillon contains a tourbillon with over 50 exclusively manufactured components that compensates for time deviations caused by gravity and represents the highest art of watchmaking mechanics.


  • In-house movement CS-T-1 in the characteristic design of Carl Suchy & Söhne, made in Austria.
  • In-house Tourbillon Movement consisting of over 50 components, made in Austria
  • Seven days power reserve
  • Hour and minute display
  • Integrated key winding with overwind protection
  • 14 rubies
  • Dimensions: 25.5 cm height – 14.5 cm width – 8.5 cm depth
  • Weight: about three kilos
  • Plate: brass
  • Screws: blued steel
  • Gear wheels: high gloss polished brass
  • Bell: gold plated
  • Case: nickel plated brass
  • Engraved serial number

The escapement and oscillation system of the Table Waltz Tourbillon not only gives the watch an aesthetic advancement, but also a lively dynamic and additional technical dimension. The timeless design, created by the multi-award-winning Viennese designer Rainer Mutsch, is embodied by Viennese craftsmanship down to the smallest detail, such as the facet cut glass and the hand engraving in partnership with J. & L. Lobmeyr. The dark, satin-finished case, milled from a single block of brass and refined using a special nickel-plating process, lends the table clock a simple elegance and powerful radiance. With a height of 25 cm, it embodies exquisite materials of the highest quality, which have been carefully crafted by hand and can already be interpreted as an icon.