Carl Suchy proudly presents an exclusive collection of unique luxury timepieces. They are all handcrafted in very limited yearly production runs respecting the highest quality standards. Discover the elegant, outstanding series of the model WALTZ N°1 with a micro-rotor and an ingenious second disc. Then the relaxed, sporty series of BELVEDERE with the rotating date indication and the TABLE WALTZ, a table clock as a design icon for the 21st century.


Discover the casually-elegant watch collection featuring the characteristic Viennese design language of Carl Suchy & Söhne. The automatic watch with jumping date is a real masterpiece – just like the world-famous Belvedere Palace in Vienna. Discover the new highlight in the 200-year history of the traditional Viennese brand!

Discover the Belvedere



Pure and contemporary in design, Carl Suchy & Söhne’s Table Waltz fills every room with the elegance of imperial Vienna. Limited to ten pieces.

Discover the Table Waltz


Waltz N°1

Carl Suchy & Söhne’s minimalistic self-winding wristwatch Waltz N°1 combines highest Swiss watchmaking skills Viennese elegance.
Limited yearly production series.

Discover the Waltz N°1


Waltz N°1 Gold

The Waltz N°1 Gold 2019-Series is limited to five numbered and handcrafted timepieces boasting 18ck gold cases.

Discover the Waltz N°1 Gold



The Waltz N°1 Skeleton reveals the quintessence of the open-worked, hand- polished movement, allowing its owner to admire the technical intricacies while retaining Carl Suchy & Söhne’s characteristic Viennese elegance. Limited special edition.

Discover the Waltz N°1 Skeleton