Inspired by Viennese Modernism: The unique design philosophy of Carl Suchy & Söhne

Behind the scenes

Vienna 1900: A time of innovation and renewal

Around 1900, various artists in Vienna came together, seeking to escape the overly ornate historicism and bring about change. These included artists and architects such as Josef Hoffmann, Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos. This period of upheaval gave rise to the style of Viennese Modernism and Viennese Art Nouveau.

The aim was to permeate all areas of people’s lives with art. Great emphasis was placed on the material, as well as the artistic and craftsmanship qualities of objects. Beauty and functionality were to be combined.

We at Carl Suchy & Söhne have also set ourselves this goal and regard each of our timepieces as a precious work of art. 

Viennese Modernism was strongly expressed through geometric shapes and symmetries, with minimalist and functional designs taking center stage. Viennese Art Nouveau, on the other hand, used more flowing and organic lines as well as botanical motifs. Both styles are also characterized by the simultaneous use of different materials and textures.

Timeless elegance and the highest level of craftsmanship

Carl Suchy & Söhne has been inspired by this fascinating Viennese era of innovation and these artists and has kept the design of our watches timeless and minimalist, but has added a little “Suchy twist” to each of our watches. We use the highest quality materials and work with the highest level of watchmaking craftsmanship. As a result, all Carl Suchy & Söhne watches impress with their classic, minimalist design, unique accents, and exceptional functionality.

Minimalist design can be found in all our models

Simplicity is key – our Waltz N°1 is defined by the refined minimalism and flowing material transitions first established in the era of Viennese Art Nouveau.

The curvature of the glass is continued in the case. The rounded and polished edges play with the contrast of frosted glass and reflective light. The polished lugs form a line parallel to the bezel and continue its reflection. The curved watch strap emerges from the polished lugs. And the curves of the back and the lower sapphire crystal together form the coherent shape of the Waltz N°1.

The symmetrical elements typical of Viennese Modernism are reflected on the dial through a guilloche pattern that splits the dial in the middle. The rotating seconds disc continuously breaks this pattern, giving the dial a new look every second.

The dedication to flowing pure forms has been continued with our Table Waltz

The Table Waltz collection, entirely crafted in Austria and now consisting of three different series, captivates with its silky matte case, milled from a single block of brass. The faceted and hand-engraved glass on the front and back (in partnership with J. & L. Lobmeyr) fits seamlessly into the conical shape of the brass case, providing a light-filled stage for the artfully floating mechanics. The gears are displayed in the characteristic Carl Suchy & Söhne design with a guilloche pattern. Clock designs by Adolf Loos, the great innovator of architecture in Vienna around 1900, served as unique inspiration.

The Belvedere impresses with its effortless elegance

In our Belvedere Watch, the strap joins the bezel seamlessly, creating clear lines and flowing material transitions. This results in a harmonious combination of form and structure. The bead-blasted stainless steel case is accentuated by mirror-polished bezel bevels, strap lugs and case back. The guilloche pattern, which can be found in all three Carl Suchy & Söhne lines, can also be seen on the dial and the crown. The special feature of the watch is the jumping date window which moves every day at midnight, giving the dial a different look every day. The golden rotor on the back represents the Belvedere Palace and the inside of the rubber strap shows a bird’s eye view of the baroque garden of the Belvedere. With this model, we continue to write the unique design DNA of Carl Suchy & Söhne, building on its extraordinary history as a former purveyor to the Habsburg Empire.

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