Viennese Elegance and
Swiss Precision

Inspired by the subtle elegance of Viennese modernism, the automatic wristwatch combines timeless design with highest-level craftmanship.
Stainless Steel Case
Blue Dial
Black Case
Black Dial
Black Case
Silver Dial
Stainless Steel Case
Black Dial
Stainless Steel Case
Silver Dial

Model Features

Honouring world-famous Viennese architect Adolf Loos, Waltz N°1 features clear lines, minimalistic design and high-quality materials.

  1. The curvature of the glass is
    carried on to the casing.
  2. The rounded and polished edging
    plays with the contrast of matt
    glazing and reflecting light.
  3. The polished lugs form a line
    parallel to the bezel and carry
    on its reflection.
  4. The curved watch-strap emerges
    from the polished lugs.
  5. And the curvatures of the bottom
    and lower glass together form the
    conclusive face of the “Waltz No 1”.

Design inspired by Adolf Loos can also be found at
the divide of bezel and casing.

Decoration is used sparingly and only emerges on second glance. Two different patterns that were developed exclusively for Carl Suchy are found on the inside of the watch-strap. Corvette Deployant, premium-quality buckle provides comfort and style. It plays with the contrast of matt glazing and light and displays Suchy’s emblem, the double-griffins, on the inside.
The watch-strap is made of high-quality silk-matt leather, refined with black seam and a pinch of colour.




The dial of the Waltz N°1 features a guilloché pattern, which is divided in half by vertical and horizontal striping. The rotating small seconds indicator, in form of a waltzing disc at six o’clock, is cut out of the striping, and is thus aligned with the rest of the dial as it waltzes in a perfect circle once per minute. It is a tribute to the dancing rhythm of the Viennese Waltz – and to the Viennese savoir-vivre, in which the second does not count.

At the back of the watchcase the traditional elements of Loos’ design are translated into a modern watch.

Swiss Precision

Visible through a sapphire crystal case back, Waltz N°1 is equipped with an adjusted self-winding mechanical VMF 5401 movement by VAUCHER FLEURIER. It offers fundamental gains in terms of precision, power reserve, and reliability. The extra-thin skeleton movement with gold-plated micro-rotor allows for the Waltz N°1’s slender form, light weight and great wearing comfort.


  • Mechanical self-winding caliber VMF 5401 extra-thin
  • Swiss-made
  • Mechanism visible through a transparent sapphire crystal case back
  • 29 rubies
  • 50 hours reserve
  • Water resistant up to 30 meters / 3 bar
  • Gold-plated micro rotor
  • 41,5 mm polished steel case
  • Thickness 9,3 mm
  • Hours, minutes and seconds
  • Seconds in form of a „waltzing“ disk at 6
  • Black leather strap
  • Adjustable triple folding buckle with the original “Carl Suchy & Söhne” emblem
  • Black Model: ADLC-Coating
  • Solid wooden watch box

Wellness for Waltz N°1

REPAIR Be it a defect in the watch mechanism or a scratch - your watch will be promptly and professionally repaired.

REVISION Watch maker Marc Jenni recommends a thorough revision for your watch every ten years. Not only is it important for impeccable functionality, but also for stable value retention.

POLISHING The casing is thoroughly cleaned, minor scratches are removed, leaving you Waltz N°1 shiny and in great shape.

WRISTBAND REPLACEMENT Whether you would like to have crocodile leather, original or bespoke – you can easily order wristbands and replacements with us.

For service booking and inquiries, please contact

Carl Suchy & Söhne Salomea Krobath sk@carlsuchy.com 0043/680 1287 604

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