Dark Elegance: Waltz N°1 Moll Presented with Minor Waltz Tones in the Bösendorfer Salon

Behind the scenes
Moll Front

In celebration of the unveiling of our latest model, the Waltz N°1 Moll, we have created a special video in collaboration with the esteemed former imperial court supplier Bösendorfer and the talented musicians Sophie & Ania Druml. Two video clips have emerged, captivating you with the dark beauty of two waltzes in a minor key.

Bösendorfer – Resonant Tradition since 1828:

Founded in Vienna, Bösendorfer is a respected piano manufacturer, renowned for crafting top-tier pianos and a rich history that emphasizes the sonic excellence of their instruments.

Musical Performance:

Sophie Druml, an outstanding musician with international stage experience, enchants us with the first piece, the Waltz in B Minor, Op. 18, No. 6, D145 by Schubert, part of his Waltzes, Ländler, and Ecossoisen for the Piano-Forte, D145. The piece was first published in Vienna in the birth year of Carl Suchy & Söhne, 1822.

In the second piece, Sophie Druml plays the violin and is accompanied by her sister Ania Druml on the piano. Here, “Liebesleid,” a work for violin and piano from the Old Viennese Dances by Fritz Kreisler, resonates.

Experience the Magic:

Immerse yourself in the dark beauty and feel the deep emotions of two waltzes in a minor key, captured in impressive video clips. The videos are available on our social media channels. Let yourself be enchanted by the harmony that has emerged from the collaboration of Carl Suchy & Söhne, Bösendorfer, and the Druml sisters.

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